Our views on data analytics

By : Deepak Rao | On : May 8, 2017

Preamble: "Data is everything: How well you use your data, determines the degree of your success"

Are we using data effectively?

Quick question: “Does your organization effectively use every bit of information in improving your company's bottom line?”

Today everyone acknowledges that data is one of the most valuable commodities which can decide the future of your organization. While every organization is interested in creating value out of this data. The reality is that despite the data deluge, a significant number of organizations do not use their data effectively. Effective use of data along with right solutions can help you decide on the right approach you need to follow in order to reach your target.

And it's not the lack of data that the reason behind the ineffective use of data. Data is available in abundance, all organizations have data in many shapes and forms like Tables, Spreadsheets, Pdfs, Word, Logs, Images, Video, Audio and Social data.

The real reason behind this is the challenge of how do you make sense of all these disparate data sets into one unified meaningful insight? What tools and frameworks do you use to generate this and what does "insight" mean anyway?

Solution to the data puzzle

Several systems have been tried out for this. Lately, there is a lot of buzz around "Big data" (which is just an epithet for distributed computing infrastructure) going around but big data doesn't necessarily translate into "business outcome improved by analytics" (like increased ROI, reduced fraud, efficient pricing…etc).

On a side note, we think Hadoop & Spark are legacy and outdated for advanced analytics, more on that in the future posts.

The solution to simplify the Data analytics comes with a lot of hidden complications of how to retrieve, store, process these disparate data sets & how to use this data to help predict or discover something that's uncertain or hidden.

Why we started Pivotchain solutions?

We started Pivotchain Solutions with a single goal in mind: "Simplify predictive analytics to improve business outcome for customers". We built an organization which has the expertise to develop complex data science solutions and yet simplifies their usage for our customers.

As a young company, we have an insanely talented team of Data scientists with advanced expertise in Machine learning, Statistical modeling, Mathematical simulations, Deep learning techniques, Game theory and all the good stuff. We have delivered some excellent analytics solutions to financial institutions and are working on several exciting projects in the same space.

Watch this space regularly for some interesting articles on how some of our customers are benefitting from Deep learning solutions that we are developing for them globally including deep dive sessions on the inner workings of Predictive analytics.